Scar therapy – the Liedler Concept

Scars present themselves in different ways.

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In their appearance, their texture, through numbness, excessive sensitivity or through other sensations.

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Only visible as a white line on the outside. Well healed on the surface. But also in the deeper tissue layers?

Michaela Liedler – Centre for Postsurgical Scar Therapy

The four levels of the Liedler concept:


Fascial adhesions (superficial and deep)

Peritoneal adhesions

Psycho-emotional-mental level

In fact, scars are always the result of wound healing processes. However, only 80% of the elasticity of the tissue can be regained. Basically, when asking whether a scar is good and has healed well, one must always assess the superficial AND the deep tissue layers. Scars that are slightly displaced on the surface do not mean that the displacement layers in the depth have also been restored well.

As a complication of wound healing, fascial adhesions (FV) and peritoneal adhesions (PA) can occur, leaving tension in the affected area. In the best case, the body compensates so well that nothing is noticed. However, compensation always happens at the expense of mobility, flexibility and lightness of the surrounding structures.

Because of my own history, I have developed techniques and because of my osteopathic vocation, a treatment concept with which scars, FV and PA can be treated and changed effectively and quickly. A concept that helps the body to change these FV and PA and improve health in the body. The result is that movement is easier again, there is a noticeable sigh of relief on all levels and the released energy benefits the whole body system again.

Das Liedler-Konzept – Was macht den Unterschied zu vielen anderen Methoden?

Im Liedler-Konzept werden die Gewebeschichten der Oberfläche und konkret auch dort in der Tiefe behandelt, dort, wo der Körper fasziale Verklebungen und peritoneale Adhäsionen aufzeigt.

Die simplen Unterschiede des Liedler-Konzeptes zu anderen Narbenbehandlungskonzepten:


Einsatz von Traktion


Wiederherstellen der Gleitschichten durch direktes Lösen der Verklebungen und Adhäsionen mittels Provokation von Mikrorupturen


Einsatz dreidimensionaler Scherkräfte und Miteinbeziehen der umliegenden Gelenke