Specialist book on the Liedler Concept

Michaela Liedler – Centre for Postsurgical Scar Therapy

The specialist book for body therapists, medical practitioners,
medical practitioners, osteopaths, physiotherapists, masseurs and body therapists.

Peritoneal adhesions – fascial treatment according to the Liedler Concept.

THEORY: Definition and differentiation of scars, fascial and peritoneal adhesions – All important basics of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology – Wound healing and effects of mechanical tension on the tissue – Physical compensation mechanisms.

IN THE PRACTICE SECTION: Fundamentals of the Liedler Concept for findings and treatment – Direct and indirect techniques for all degrees of mobility, wound healing phases and pain conditions – Concrete measures for embedding scar tissue into the body – Self-exercise training for patients at home.

PLUS: Pilot study on the influence of postoperative adhesions on chronic back pain and numerous video sequences with treatment examples.