Scars, shadows and feelings

Why do scars develop? Why do they stick together more in one person than another?
Why do some people have problems with their scars and others not at all?
What are shadows?

Life happens. History happens. We and by that I mean our body – mind – soul unity have to deal with life happening. We come into the world as a whole self with all possibilities. Curious and inquisitive. Persevering in learning, we also accept many attempts and setbacks until we can turn, sit, crawl, stand and walk, until we know how to use our hands and mouth. We try things out. We are. We reach our goals.

Depending on our environment, the people, the challenges, the love we encounter or don’t encounter, we maintain a confidence in life or not. Depending on what we can copy from the role models around us or how our environment deals with challenges, whether we are received favourably or unfavourably with our behaviour, we learn whether we are okay. We learn how to deal with fear and effort, challenge, surprise, love and the feelings that go with it. Where we experience that it is good the way we are, there we develop with joy. Where we experience that how we react is not desired, we begin to reduce our whole self. We modulate it in the way we think the environment and the world wants us to be.

These feelings, thoughts, wishes, visions of us that are not allowed to be (that we believe are not allowed to be), we put into the SHADOW. They accompany us from now on at an unconscious level. They meet us on the outside, but often we do not recognise them as parts of ourselves – often we criticise what we actually carry within ourselves. ⌈From the shadow work according to Körber/Pott⌋.

In the body, the shadows are created in the form of tension in the tissue. Underneath are the feelings that we don’t allow ourselves to feel because they are often so painful that we don’t think we can bear them. (And we really do everything to not perceive these feelings or to repress them).

However, there is ALWAYS an instance in us that wants to become whole again. That wants to relax, expand our potential and really live.

Example life. A caesarean section happens. In a wound area without a shadow, there may now be adhesions that are so small as to be of no consequence. The body heals the area and it’s good. Unexcited. Tension will probably remain, which will be resolved with a few scar therapies. And resolved REMAINS.

If the caesarean section now happens in a tissue with enriched shadow tension, then the wound healing takes place under conceivably worse conditions – because more tension leads to more adhesions. Leads to more tension in a larger area. Leads to less movement in the affected area and in the surrounding body area. An interference field is created. The body usually begins to painfully point out that there is an imbalance and that something is wrong. Therapies are made. Progress is made. The tension becomes less. The scar becomes better integrated into the body. But it may take a way longer time.

The body always strives to reintegrate all the missing parts of the self and does its part in its own way – often through pain – to draw attention to this.

It is important to know now that unresolved shadows in the body can create the tension again and again. That in therapy scar tension is probably dissolved, but that progress is much slower. The more consciously the person concerned goes into the scar therapy, the faster the body integrates the scar, the adhesions and the process passes over into a feeling of well-being. It often happens that the tears suddenly flow. There is sadness and perhaps a feeling of powerlessness…that is when the body begins to dissolve traumatic tension. When the soul is allowed to cry, the trauma is allowed to dissolve, then the shadow melts with it. Then this part of the soul is integrated again. And then the tension no longer returns to the tissue.

Trauma may have occurred in the course of a surgery, but it may also have left a predisposition in the tissue in the respective area of the body at some time in childhood and be activated by the event. The body is a helper of life that wants to draw attention. It points out grievances, shows when things are too much, when changes are needed. If you listen to it on all levels, the path to well-being is a path that also reaches its goal. After awareness and acceptance, life rewards with abundance, a sense of well-being and an increase in the joy of living.

And yes, it takes a lot of courage to choose the WHOLE path.