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Postsurgical Scar Therapy

We also treat your scar!

Every operation leads to a scar. Sometimes noticeable and red, sometimes inconspicuous and white. Scars are and remain a part of our life and body history.

But scars are not only visually noticeable: Hidden under the scar, adhesions can cause pain. They can even be the cause of complaints in completely different parts of the body.

Scars cause many complaints.

Back pain, sciatic pain, blockages of the sacroiliac joint (ISG), shortness of breath, the feeling of not being able to breathe into the stomach, hip pain, knee pain, tension in the shoulder and neck, pain during sexual intercourse, bladder problems, incontinence, digestive problems, the feeling of not being able to straighten up well, jaw joint problems, restricted mouth opening and unfortunately many more.

Do you want to get rid of your complaints?

Do you want to feel comfortable with your scar?

Did you know that back pain is one of the most common side effects of a caesarean section?

Would you like to have less tension and more well-being in your body?

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Michaela Liedler – Centre for Postsurgical Scar Therapy

The Liedler Concept can help.

Change is possible quickly and sustainably. For young and old scars. All it takes: Courage, curiosity and a call to the centre!

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Experiences of my patients

Sunita Luthra, 37 Years, 2018

“I came across Michaela in 2009 because of sciatica pain and through a fantastic tip from an orthopaedic surgeon. From then on, my story, and that of my body, was to move in a whole new direction. After a polytrauma in 1998, which I only just survived, my body is adorned with a good 100 stitches from head to toe. They affect me in many different ways. With Michaela’s courageous work and loving support, her looking at scars, what they tell and how they work, healing, regeneration and processing in a completely new dimension became possible for me. She has helped to improve and shape my physical well-being in a way that only a few doctors have been able to do. I am very grateful for her work – a true gift!

Jutta M., autumn 2018

“Since I have been with you, my body has been going backwards in its history. Memories (of the body) and symptoms from times long past emerge and then dissolve. It’s great!”

Elisabeth L., 44 years in winter 2018

“This year I had a thyroid operation – my first surgical procedure. From experiences in my environment, I was aware that surgical scars often cause problems for a very long time and much later. To get ahead of this, I asked around. My osteopath and physiotherapist recommended that I go to the expert, Mrs Liedler. A month after the surgery, I came to her for the first treatment session. Before the treatment, the tissue felt numb and reacted painfully to the most delicate touch. The collarbone was stuck together with the scar tissue. Mrs Liedler loosened the adhesions, which cost me some tears and sometimes made me hold my breath, but already a few days later everything was looser, more mobile and pain-free. Two more treatments followed. Ms Liedler also explained how I could treat myself at home in between. During the final session, Ms Liedler also did shadow work. Taking the spiritual component into the treatment was extremely touching for me and helped me a lot. Thank you for the holistic approach – it also made me aware of a psychological piece of my puzzle!”

Katharina Hagmann, 31 years in spring 2018

“Already after the first treatment with Michaela my shoulder pain, which I have had for years and which was “normal” for me, was much better. The scar was also much nicer. After the 2nd treatment my upper body felt much freer and I felt grounded again – the mind was anchored in the body again. It’s a whole new attitude to life.”

Angelika Meissl, 34 years in spring 2018

“A single scar treatment for my caesarean scar changed everything. The acute back pain was immediately better and all other, supposedly unrelated accompanying symptoms, were also reduced or even completely eliminated with further treatments.”

Mario Gheorghiu, 45 years old in autumn 2017

“I went to see the osteopath Michaela Liedler because of severe shoulder and neck pain. I could no longer even lift my right hand and sleep on my right side as usual. Interestingly, Michaela suggested treating what she called my “stuck together scar tissue” from past operations.
In my case it was a gall bladder and appendix removed over 20 years ago. I gladly agreed to this experiment and indeed she did not touch my shoulder once, but mainly “massaged” my abdomen up to my ribs. I soon noticed how the whole right side of my body relaxed more and more and the pressure in my neck disappeared.
The result was amazing. We repeated this treatment again and I was pain-free again, who would have thought it!”

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